Whats happening with Starlink Speeds

Some of you may have noticed that starlink speeds have increased recently. The average speeds were below 200Mbps when we first got our Starlink last year. The 200Mbps barrier has now been broken.

The following graph summaries 50 Starlink speed tests made by my SamKnows white box last week.

Looking back further, Ookla (of speedtest.net) published a report “Here’s How Fast Starlink Has Gotten Over the Past Year”

Turns out that the NZ median Starlink download speeds didn’t change much between Q3 2021 and Q1 2022.

  • Q3 2021    120.10 Mbps
  • Q4 2021    116.44 Mbps
  • Q1 2022    118.70 Mbps

Ookla also compared Starlink to other providers.
Nationally averages must be used with some caution, but the number are positive.

Its probably worth noting that poor WiFi coverage can be the bottleneck in many homes.  Good router placement or a mesh system can help.  Even a budget mesh system can make a large improvement.  See my review.    

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