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Rural NZ needs to be better connected. It is not always about speed but digital quality of life.  Having usable internet when and where you need it.

Here you can find options or advice, to help you make the best of the Rural Broadband that you have available.

We are also about advocating on behalf of rural NZ for better connectivity and use insights you provide, to campaign for better rural internet access.

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80% of NZ’s export economy is primary industries


14% of NZ’s population is rurally-based

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There are several ways that you can extend your broadband to other buildings on your property.  I’ve outlined the options, together with …

This is an awesome new service for people out of coverage. It allows you to send an emergency message via satellite. Additionally, …

An inverter connected to your car battery is very economic, and will provide extended run times if required (by using the engine). …

What Rural People are Saying

I can't do my online GST returns
slow snail
Why is my internet so slow?
woman waiting for internet
We've been waiting years for better internet
can't watch rugby game
I can't watch the rugby


The Govt have announced the Remote Users Scheme (RUS). This is focused on increasing the availability of broadband connectivity in remote New Zealand.  The first phase of RUS aims to provide a broadband internet service to an area by extending existing networks. Those still without coverage after this has been done, may be eligible to receive a one-off grant of up to $2,000 towards set up and installation costs of a suitable broadband solution.

ComCom publish  “Trans-Tasman comparison report on performance of selected broadband services”.

Spark is  offering WiFi Calling  on some mobiles.

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