Having connectivity issues?

old truck

Need better performance?


Need extended coverage on your property?

broken car


Or your connection is too slow / unusable at times / your phone or internet drops out / you frequently experience error messages from various applications

Fault logging tips

Line Test

The help desk may offer to run a 24hr line test for ADSL/VDSL.

Only a small part of your “connection” is actually tested.


Was anything changed prior to the fault?


Check with a neighbour on the same system

Keep Records

Note down what happened and when. Also when you contacted your Provider and what they said or did.


When a Technician comes you want to be sure you understand what the fault is/was and how to prevent it. Otherwise you will be logging the fault again.

How to Complain

By this stage it is VERY frustrating, let’s acknowledge that. You’ve got better things to do. 

If your incident IS closed, you can lodge a complaint with your provider – some common links follow:




If you have ongoing issues, there is a formal complaint process you can follow:

Telecommunications Dispute Resolution (TDR) is a free and independent service to help consumers manage complaints about any product or service from their telecommunications provider.

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